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Monarch Airlines hat den Betrieb 2017 eingestellt.


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Ryanair require that you enseprt a valid passport. Ryan…

Ryanair require that you enseprt a valid passport. Ryanair also does NOT accept on any flight driving licences, residence cards, family books, seaman books, Ministerial ID’s, military ID cards, Italian AT/BT cards etc.Expired or damaged forms of photo-id will not be accepted on any flight.Beware of so-called cheap flights. Fly-Be offered a a31.67 single to Edinburgh but when the extras were added this became over a360!!They charge extra for each piece of luggage, a booking fee, a check in fee, a fee for reserving a seat, credit card fee, government passenger tax, airport fee, etc. etc.Seriously consider going by train. If you book in advance on-line you should get some good deals. Train travel is much more comfortable than flying and the end-to-end journey time is similar because you’re taken city centre to centre and you don’t have the two hours each end faffing around at airports.Look at using a Sleeper to Glasgow or Fort William. The extra cost is comparable to a hotel and there is something romantic about sleeper train travel. You may be on a promise’!


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